8 Ways To Save On Wedding Invitations

The Invitation

Choose a custom invitation vendor who will let you increase your order in quantities of 5’s and 10’s instead of 25’s.

Eliminate the added cost of special envelopes, engraving, embossing, ribbons and wraps. Rely on the unique design that a customized invitation vendor can provide on a single sheet of paper.

Stick to your budget. Choose an invitation designer who is conscious of your budget and designs around it. Expect to spend about 3% of your budget on invitations.

“Do It Yourself” doesn’t have to mean do it all yourself. Designing and Printing can be difficult if you aren’t experienced. Choose a custom invitation vendor who will design and print your invitations then allow you the option of assembling them yourself. Ask your invitation designer to teach you tricks for making the final product look professional.

R.S.V.P, Accommodation Card, Direction Card

Make your RSVP postcard style. Save on postage and eliminate the cost and waste of envelopes.

Combine your direction and accommodation card. You can provide accommodation information on one side of the card and directions on the other.

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Favors, Place cards, Menus, etc.

Need favors and place cards? Choose an item that does both jobs. Place candles, favor tins or boxes with your guest’s names on them at each place setting.

Order favors, programs, table numbers, matches, menus, place cards from the same vendor. Choose a designer who offers discounts when all items are ordered through them. Not only will you save money, you’ll have a unique style and design that carries from your invitations to your event. Angela Dal Bon offers table numbers at no extra cost when you order place cards.

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