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Should I put registry information on my invitation?

Should I put registry information on my invitation?

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Many of my clients ask me if they should include their registry information on their wedding invitation.  Peggy Post, Director of the Emily Post Institute says, “Gift registry information should never be included in a wedding invitation. Tradition still holds that the practice of including lists of gift registries with wedding invitations is considered tacky and inappropriate. Why? It puts more emphasis on the gift and less on the request that the recipient join you on your special day. Gift registries are wonderful tools. But get the word out the old-fashioned way: word of mouth.”

There you have it.  The facts from the numero uno etiquette expert!  Here’s a little more advice on the subject:

1.  If you feel that word of mouth won’t do the trick your wedding website is a great place to give registry information.  The wedding website is informal and you can get away with putting gift information here.  After all, most guests do want to know what you need.  I’m not sure what the folks over at the Emily Post Institute would think about this but that’s my professional opinion.

2.  It’s my job to arm engaged couples with as much information as possible.  Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what you are comfortable with.  If you choose to put gift information in your invitation suite I suggest wording it in a way that’s fun, in a small font, at the bottom of your direction card.  I do not suggest slipping those cards from the department store into your invitation.  They won’t go with your invitations and they’ll cheapen the overall look of your invitation package.

So why do stores give you those inserts/cards if they are an etiquette no-no?  The answer is simple.  They want the business!

Stay tuned for more wedding etiquette tips from Angela Dal Bon Custom Invitations & Announcements (Sacramento Invitations).

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